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Oct 04

Why Do You Need to Plan Your Solution?

Planning can save you a lot of time and energy. It also exposes you to new ideas and solutions. It involves making decisions and communicating with others. Planning is also a great way for others to learn. If you don’t plan your solution, you may not be as successful as you could be. Planning saves […]
Oct 01

Is Business Analyst a Good Career?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is business analyst a good career?” There are many things you need to know about this job. If you’re interested in up-skilling within a larger company, you might consider applying for a BA job. This job description is quite broad, and you should be able to use your communication skills to […]
Sep 29

The Main Role of a Business Analyst

Business analysts are responsible for researching and communicating ideas. They solve problems for organizations and conduct research to develop new software and processes. This work requires creativity and communication skills. As such, they have a variety of educational backgrounds and responsibilities. Duties One of the main responsibilities of a business analyst is to create and […]

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