Courses Available

Juniper Networks Courses Available

Learning Track Certification Level Course Name Course  Description Course Level Course
Networking basics - - NBF - Networking Basics and Fundamentals Basic 2
JUNOS JNCIA-JUNOS IJOS Introduction to JUNOS Software Basic 1
JRE JUNOS Routing Essentials Basic 1
Enterprise Routing and Switching JNCIS-ENT JIR JUNOS Intermediate Routing Intermediate 2
JEX JUNOS Enterprise Switching Intermediate 2
JNCIP-ENT AJER Advanced JUNOS Enterprise Routing Advanced 3
AJEX Advanced JUNOS Enteprise Switching Advanced 2
JUNOS/Enterprise Security JNCIS-SEC JSEC JUNOS for Security Platforms Intermediate 3
JUTM JUNOS Unified Threat Management Intermediate 1
JNCIP-SEC AJSEC Advanced JUNOS for Security Platforms Advanced 3
JIPS JUNOS Intrusion Prevention System  Advanced 2
Service Provider Routing and Switching JNCIS-SP JSPX JUNOS Service Provider Switching Intermediate 2
JIR JUNOS Intermediate Routing Intermediate 2
JMV JUNOS MPLS and VPNs Intermediate 5
JNCIP-SP AJSPR Advanced JUNOS Service Provider Routing Advanced 4
JCOS JUNOS Class of Service Advanced 2
JMR JUNOS Multicast Routing Advanced 2
JUNOS Troubleshooting JNCIS-SP JTNOC JUNOS Troubleshooting in the NOC Intermediate 3
NETSCREEN Courses JNCIS-FWV CJFV Configuring Juniper Firewalls and VPN Products Intermediate 3
AJVI Advanced Juniper VPN Implementations Advanced 2
APJF Attack Prevention with Juniper Firewalls Advanced 1
IFVH Integrating Juniper Networks Firewall and VPNs into High-Performance Networks Advanced 3
NSMF Netscreen Secuirty Manager and Fundamentals Intermediate 2
Secure Access and IDP JNCIS-SA JPSA Junos Pulse Secure Access - 4
JNCIA-IDP IIDP IIDP - Implementing Intrusion Detection and Prevention Products Intermediate 3

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