Software Development

Isilica Networks provides the flexibility to the customers to choose from the well established business models for their organizational requirements and to improve their businesses.

Highlights of our offsourced (offshore outsourced) models:

  • Significant profits for our partners due to reduced cost of ownership
  • Flexibility of resources (ramping up and cutting back of resources) without impacting projects
  • Highly qualified teams that are a natural extension of the partner R&D
  • Speed of implementation - shortening time to market
  • Quick and reliable delivery mechanisms, ensuring operational efficiency at all levels
  • Instant India presence for the partner

Isilica offers the following offsourcing models. Our partners can choose one or any combination of these models cost effectively to ensure continued success:

RDE (R&D Extension) Model

This is one of the premium options for most offsourced contracts where we provide dedicated resources that form a natural extension to the partners R&D efforts. Our teams become an integral part of the partner team ensuring dependable and scalable (24hr R&D) services.

Project/Transactional Model

This option has the least risk for a customer. However, such a model is possible only when requirements are stable and can be defined in sufficient detail. Customers often combine this with the Time and Material model for various phases of the project.

On-site Delivery Model

The partner can request for a group of engineers to be trained at their site temporarily for work that needs to be carried out at ODC in future. This facilitates faster transfer of knowledge to our engineers and jumps start a project.

DOT (Develop, Operate and Transfer) Model

This turnkey solution is to build and develop an Offshore Development Center (ODC) for the partner and explicitly grants the client the option to take full control of the ODC at a specified time in future.