Testing Services


Isilica's quality management and testing services utilize its many years of networking and technology experience to address the global challenges in the networking world. Its focus on enabling on par, uncompromising and timely solutions provides key competitive advantage to companies that need to be world-class leaders, without risking their reputation.

Our Testing Services are offered as a seamless extension to our client's in-house networking testing capabilities assuring our commitment to delivering value and quality to our clients in a professional and confidential manner. As a specialist provider of networking testing services, we continually strive to innovate, improve and expand our services to our clients.

Our services range from supplementing in-house skills through to outsourcing the entire QA function to an offshore facility. Our services extend much further than staff augmentation. A key factor in any engagement is the continuous improvement and the development of your own staff. We will work with you to apply improvements to your system's lifecycle, minimizing the cost of testing whilst at the same time optimizing the process to improve the quality of delivered systems

In a business context, we maintain extensive domain knowledge in the following networking sectors which ensure that we can apply the right consultants for the solution:

  • Service Providers: Core Routers, BRAS, Access Devices, Wireless
  • Enterprise Networking: Routers, Switches, Network Security
  • Network Management: Respective NMS and EMS systems

The development and delivery of software and the operation of business critical networking systems faces a range of challenges that cannot be addressed by just a single approach. The following are the key services we providefor Internetworking Devices.

Core and Enterprise Routers Testing

As the power, scalability and complexity of routers increase, so does the pressure to reduce testing time and overall time-to-market. Isilica Networks is capable of providing testing services to test the complexity of several functional routing and switching protocols namely, IPv4/IPv6 routing, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP-4, IP multicast, MPLS, VPN, L2VPN, L3VPN, VPLS, LDP, IGMP, MPLS, QoS, VPLS, H-VPLS.

For routing protocols including RIP, OSPF, ISIS and BGP, these standard testing services can be handled by Isilica's team:

  • Conformance
  • Functionality
  • Route Convergence
  • Route Capacityt
  • Graceful/Hitless Restart where applicable
  • Route Dampening
  • Scalability

For MPLS, L3 VPN and L2 VPN applications, these testing services are available:

  • Conformance
  • Functionality
  • Ingress-Egress Performance
  • Fast-reroute
  • L3 VPN - VRF Isolation, Scalability, VPN Merging
  • L2 VPNS - Padding, Pseudowire, Label Withdrawal,
  • Fast-reroute

For Multicasting, these are the testing services available:

  • Conformance
  • Join/Leave/Data Latency
  • IGMP Snooping
  • Group Capacity
  • PIM-SM RP Functionality
  • LHR/FHR Functionality
  • RPF Functionality
  • RPT to SPT switchover

VPLS Testing Services are as follows:

  • VPLS Traffic CoS test
  • VSI Isolation
  • MAC Address Functionality
  • Peer-to-Peer Throughput

CoS Functionality Test

  • Functionality
  • Conformance

Broadband Equipment Testing

Modern broadband networks deployed to provision xDSL or cable-based high-speed Internet access services to residential and commercial users rely on a number of complex devices to offer a high quality experience to the user. Prior to network deployment, these devices are commonly tested for:

  • Performance, e.g. can the device handle a specified number of session setup requests per second
  • Scalability, e.g. does the device meet its maximum session specifications
  • MAC Address Functionality
  • Functionality, e.g. do the advanced firmware features in the device interoperate with other parts of the network while maintaining scalability

Isilica provides the above testing services for Broadband Remote Access Servers (BRAS).

Firewall and VPN Testing

Isilica engineers can assist our clients in comprehensively testing the performance of junos and Netscreen firewalls (FW) in handling various protocols using their stateful packet inspection and application-aware engines in both stressed and unstressed conditions.

The specific tests can provide comparative analyses to indicate how well the devices perform as more complex protocols are added to the test and as various application-aware functionalities are enabled to perform deep packet inspection.

Tests for Firewall and VPNs include Functionality, Conformance, Performance of Route-based VPNs and Police-based VPNs and Scalability in the following areas:

  • Web security - Intelligent HTTP/URL content inspection to fend off "buffer overflow" attacks, virus and spyware prevention for the web, phishing attacks, and to validate protocol compliance by ensuring the requests are not malformed
  • Email security - Protection from spam, virus and phishing attacks, which overwhelms networks significantly with wasteful traffic
  • Network security - Application-aware content inspection, access protocols including IPSec, 802.1x, RADIUS, NAT, IDS, intrusion prevention (IPS) capabilities and DDoS attack mitigation
  • Next-generation - Support for IPv6, quality-of-service, voice (e.g., SIP) and video streaming


There are a great variety of switches available today with various features and functionality of switches, ranging from simple low-end switches to multi-function high-end switch products. High-end switches additionally provide much higher performance than low-end switches.

The primary functions of a switch include:

  • Forwarding based on Layer 2 and/or 3 information
  • Forwarding with traffic prioritization (QoS)
  • Internetworking with other switches and devices
  • Switching between various network interfaces and speeds (e.g., 10/100/1000/10G Ethernet, ATM, T1, E1, etc.)
  • Security features and filtering (e.g., VLAN, ACL, etc.)

Isilica engineers provides relevant testing services for the same depending on the type of switch.

Tools and Automation

Isilica can help overcome the challenges of time-consuming set up and re-testing. Testing procedures are simplified with the development of test harnesses and test automation. These test harnesses are stand-alone and modular which can be easily integrated into existing environments.

Some of the areas of Tooling and Automation include the following:

  • Test Execution Framework with integrated execution and reporting facilities
  • Test Automation Control Libraries
  • Test Automation Protocol Libraries for developing modular scripts
  • Test Scripts
  • Reporting Tools
  • Test Management
  • Code Coverage Tools

For more details please write to: support@isilica.net