Security Solutions

Enterprises are facing new challenges in security management of their networks. Enterprises need to protect against network and application level attacks while simultaneously stopping content-based attacks.

Information and data are important assets any organization.Latest trends in Technology in the form of Internet, mobile phones,Pocket PCs etc. has made information access easier for the customers and workforce. But it also provides an a medium for people with malicious intent to target corporate information resources. For organizations to be efficient & competitive it is vital that these assets are protected. Organizations require a strong mechanism to detect threats, prevent intrusions and safeguard these assets.

We provide security solution with security features that help every network administrator to safe guard their enterprise networks with latest technologies including VPN's, usage policies, encryption policies, various security attacks and internal firewalling.

These world class security and cost-effective solutions are easily deployed with trained expertise from Isilica using Firewalls, SSL VPN and IDP equipment.

Our services include:

  • Security Audit
  • Endpoint and Gateway Security Solutions
  • Virtual Private Networks: IP Sec, SSL
  • Security Policy Design and Review
  • Network Security Architecture Design
  • Security Implementation
  • Managed Security Services

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